Dine LA Boasts Hundreds of Restaurant Deals

The springtime Restaurant Week, which will run for 15 days, features eateries across Southern California.


What to Know

  • Dine LA Spring Restaurant Week
  • April 1 through 15, 2022; eateries are located throughout Southern California
  • Prix fixe meals, covering both lunch and dinner, starting at $15

Of all the seasons, spring truly can be the most little-bit-of-everything-est.

The days can be warm or cool, snow can arrive in the mountains after a spate of sunshine, and on the ground? All sorts of things are happening in nature, with trees, shrubs, and fields absolutely percolating with colorful moments that come, then go, within days or weeks.

Springtime truly puts us in a little-bit-of-everything-ish kind of mood, in short, making it an ideal and appetizing time for a deal-laden Restaurant Week, where getting to try a little bit, or even a lot of bit, of everything good is on the menu.

True, Restaurant Weeks, in most places, last for around seven days, as the name implies, but in Southern California?

Our meal-obsessed megalopolis demands something longer and livelier, so Dine LA Spring Restaurant Week, which begins on April 1, will run for 15 foodie-fun days.

Hundreds of acclaimed restaurants, specializing in cuisines from points around the globe, will participate.

And on the newcomers front?

There are several excellent entries, including Yangban Society in DTLA, LOAM at The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, and Fanny's, at the Academy Museum on the Miracle Mile.

Patio options are plentiful, too, if you're seeking to sup under the sun or stars, especially when temperatures heat up over the first week of April (circling back to the fact that we're enjoying a little bit of everything right now).

An important consideration? While some restaurants are offering Dine LA specials at lunch and dinner, many are only going the lunch route, with others just doing a dinner deal.

Lunch prix fixe meals begin at $15.

"Dine LA is a moment for locals and visitors to get lost in the culinary wonders of Los Angeles," says Stacey Sun, Executive Director of Dine LA.

"We're always excited to work with amazing chefs and concepts to provide diners a chance to get together with friends and family, discovering old favorites and hopefully some soon-to-be new favorites as well. There’s simply never been a better time to Dine LA."

Perusing all of the chow-down choices? That is the fun part, and an activity that definitely can stoke the appetite. Start here, if you're looking for a great new spot for noodles, or tacos, or sushi, or hamburgers, or vegan dishes...

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