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Dine Out in November and Show Support for Local Eateries

The Grateful Table Dine Out is spotlighting restaurants, as well as the organization "Restaurants Care," which helps restaurant workers in numerous ways.

Alexander Spatari

What to Know

  • November 2021
  • The Grateful Table Dine Out is encouraging people to eat at restaurants, as well as make donations to Restaurants Care, if possible
  • Look for gift card giveaways tied to the give-back effort on Instagram and Twitter


They come and go, and come back around again, and linger a little longer, and return an hour or two later, all to relentlessly remind us that we really, really want pancakes, pasta, a rice bowl, or something involving cake and ice cream.

Magical places exist that can delightfully and almost instantly address our hankerings, and we don't even need to open a bag of flour, or box of noodles, to have those cravings met. We only need to find a food-fabulous, dish-delicious, staff-superb restaurant that makes the sort of meals we find ourselves longing for, pretty much around the clock.

Showing our support for these remarkable places, after the extreme challenges faced by restaurants and restaurant workers over the last 20 months, is an important part of the equation.

Which is why The Grateful Table Dine Out has returned to gently but urgently remind us that our local eateries would love our much-needed patronage.

The Dine Out is happening all November long, and it works like this: The California Restaurant Foundation is encouraging Californians to ... 'Dine Out to Help Out' at any restaurant throughout the state as a show of support for local restaurant owners and employees who worked tirelessly to keep doors open over the last year and a half."

"Those wanting to go the extra mile and financially support California's restaurant workforce can visit select featured restaurants and donate to CRF's Restaurants Care®, a nonprofit program that provides restaurant workers facing hardships with relief grants for basic living needs like groceries, utilities, diapers, clothing, gas, and rent."

The program raised $62,000 in donations during its first outing in 2020.

Another aspect to the effort, which concludes on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving? There are weekly giveaways on Instagram and Twitter, with Restaurant Cares treating lucky winners to $200 gift cards.

There are also a number of eateries offering promotions tied to The Grateful Table Dine Out; check and see if one of your neighborhood favorites is on board with the give-back happening, which is about raising awareness of what's happening with our local restaurants, in addition to raising funds.

"For 18 months, California's restaurant workforce has shown remarkable resilience, arriving to work daily — ready to serve guests through the ups and downs of dine-in, to-go and delivery," said Alycia Harshfield, Executive Director of CRF.

"Sometimes, these dedicated individuals have been the only humans we interact with outside our homes. "Our 'Dine Out' event is intended to show appreciation and gratitude for California's resilient restaurant workforce simply by showing up, dining out, and, if you're able, offering financial support to the chefs, bussers, servers, and more who need our help."

Find out more about The Grateful Table Dine Out now, participating restaurants, and the weekly giveaways on social media.

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