dineL.A. Opens, With 14 Days of Foodie Deals

Hundreds of restaurants are participating in the event, which "... is dedicated to supporting L.A.'s hard-hit restaurant community."

Poppy and Rose

What to Know

  • Hundreds of SoCal restaurants are offering prix fixe meal deals from March 1-14
  • $15-$35 prix fixe lunch meals, $25-$65+ prix fixe dinner meals
  • Outdoor dining, takeout, and delivery available

Springtime around Southern California is known for offering winter-weary people a number of different Very Nice Things to enjoy.

Those Very Nice Things include the return of Daylight Saving Time (look to March 14 in 2021 for that happy day) and the possibility of more outdoor activities.

Poppies, too, are known for adding an exuberant orange-ness to our lives come the third month of the calendar, while wisteria delivers purple prettiness.

But Restaurant Weeks?

Put those happenings in the "few and far between" springtime category, for they tend to show up, at least around Los Angeles, in the winter and summer.

But we're in a different year, due to pandemic considerations, and schedules have changed on several fronts, including for dineL.A., our city's celebrated Restaurant Week.

Which means that the wide-scale event, which includes hundreds of restaurants and prix fixe meal deals, is deliciously embarking on its first-ever spring engagement.

That opens on March 1, and the stoves'll stay lit right through to March 14. Which, as mentioned, starts our lighter, brighter nights, an auspicious day to end on.

What can diners expect from this go-around?

Here's the appetizing and simultaneously uplifting word from the dineL.A. team: "The 14-day dining event is dedicated to supporting L.A.'s hard-hit restaurant community by encouraging Angelenos to support local establishments and will feature hundreds of restaurants that spotlight the city’s diverse cuisines and eating styles."

The prix fixe part of enjoying this biannual Restaurant Week?

Participating eateries have selected a great line-up of starters, mains, and sometimes desserts, all to give you a solid and sustenance-filled sense of the venue's strengths, best dishes, and character

"This dineL.A. Restaurant Week builds upon the previous Fall 2020 program, highlighting on-site, al fresco dining, as well as exclusive takeout and delivery options thanks to a new partnership with Grubhub."

That's right: You don't have to actually dine out to support a restaurant during the event, which is covering those people who'd prefer to savor their two-course and three-course meals at home.

"We're excited to help local diners experience dineL.A. Restaurant Week safely by bringing their favorite dishes to them at home this year," said Jessica Burns, VP of Brand and Creative at Grubhub. "It's also an honor to help support the participating restaurants as they make their comeback after a challenging year."

Brazilian, Japanese, and Moroccan cuisine are three of the dining delights to find on the lengthy list, as well as pizza, burgers, and just about every other tasty temptation out there.

Pictured: Poppy and Rose

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