dineL.A. to Deliver Oodles of Dining Deals

The most Restaurant-Week-iest of Restaurant Weeks opens for its two-week wintertime run.

Jakob Lyman

What to Know

  • Jan. 17-31, 2020
  • 400+ restaurants
  • Prix fixe lunches and dinners starting at $15, excluding tax/tip

If you've ever wanted dinner and dessert while seated inside a restaurant, or if you were feeling especially peckish, an appetizer, dinner, and dessert, you likely spent some time in silent reflection before speaking the server.

And that quiet moment? It might have involved you adding all of the numbers up, just to make sure you weren't getting too wild, budget-wise, with your cuisine choices.

But here's something that will make your restaurant-based soul-searching so much easier: During dineL.A. Restaurant Week, the amount is right there, the whole kit-and-caboodle, with everything added up from all of the courses available to you.

It's a prix fixe price, yes, and whether there are two course or three courses in your meal depends upon whether you're visiting the eatery for lunch or dinner (and, yes, specifically what that eatery is offering).

And, true, too: You'll want to remember that tax and gratuity will be extra on top of that "flat" rate of $39 or $49.

But wait: Some two-course dineL.A. lunches are priced at $15, making this a true money-saver of a celebration. And a few of the swankier, ultra-extravagant dinners that can encompass five courses? You'll see the occasional $99+ pop up.


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Most of the meals, though, at most of the venues will run you in the $29-$59 range.

And even better, or, at the very least, equally as nice? You can find places to eat by neighborhood, with towns across Southern California represented.

EP & LP made the wintertime dineL.A. list, as did APL Steakhouse and Providence. Vegetarian choices abound, and sushi favorites, too, and if you're looking for enduring classics, you'll find places like Cliff's Edge, Gyu-Kaku, and Lawry's The Prime Rib on the tum-pleasing roster.

A roster that will take you some time to peruse, as there are over 400 participants.

Can you eat at all of them during the Jan. 17-31, 2020 event? Nope.

Can you find a fresh go-to you like? That is firmly in the "can absolutely happen" column. Can you revisit your favorite and move beyond the dishes you normally order?

Again, same column. Yes, for sure, do it.

So adding it all up, in your head, as in the prices of the app, the main, and the sweet?

No need to stress: It's all wrapped in one deal of a price during dineL.A., plus the tax at the end of your meal, and the tip, too.

Where to go first? Take a silent pause now and look, dream, and let your hankerings guide you in the direction of some fabulous local dining deals.

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