Dino Fest at NHMLA: Paleo-tastic Party

Get your T. Rex love on with two days of chats, fossil excavation, and movie dinosaurs.

'Fess up: You haven't truly rehearsed what exactly you'd do if dinosaurs suddenly returned.

You probably haven't decided where you'd go if a pack of Velociraptors arrived in your neighborhood, eager to rumble, or how you'd deal with a Tyrannosaurus Rex standing in the backyard.

But... You have a keen hunch you'd figure it all out, pronto, because you think about dinosaurs a lot, as in daily, or weekly, at least, which is understandable, since these ancient behemoths remain forever fascinating to we modern humans.

You'll have ample room to consider meeting a dino, face-to-face (or, let's be honest, face-to-scaly-lower-leg), when you attend Dino Fest at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

It's a two-day festival, of course, because one day isn't nearly capacious enough to hold all of the wonder that these long-ago reptiles possess. The festival roars on Saturday, Sept. 23 and Sunday, Sept. 24 at the Exposition Park museum.

On the festival's scaly, stupendous-of-height schedule? Cool talks, like "Dinosaurs in Media with Special Effects Artist Shannon Shea," shall enlighten and delight, while Paleo Chats, live science rock from The Amoeba People, a "Jurassic Park" Motor Pool, and "excavations" of fossils are just some of the other must-dos.

And Buddy from "Dinosaur Train!," the PBS series, will be in house, meeting fans.

Oh, yes, and that "Jurassic Park" Motor Pool will involve an appearance of a "...club for owners and enthusiasts of replica Jurassic Park vehicles." 

Now you want your own "Jurassic Park" Jeep, surely. The sort of Jeep you might need should you wake up one day to find a T. Rex stomping around your rose bushes and patio table.

The full schedule, and the times for talks and events, can be found by stomping over to the NHMLA site.

It's a big festival for dinosaur devotees of every age, and all you need to do, beyond getting there and having a ticket, is decide what events suit your saurus-based leanings best.

Now, start envisioning the day a dinosaur shows up in your neighborhood. What would you do next?

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