Dip Into Queso Deals on National Cheese Lover's Day

Acapulco Restaurant and Cantina will feature a freebie in honor of the gooey-great, savory 'n string-a-licious celebration.

Acapulco Restaurant and Cantina

What to Know

  • Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022
  • Buy an adult entrée at an Acapulco Restaurant and Cantina and receive a complimentary Shrimp & Spinach Queso Appetizer (you'll need to mention "QUESO" to enjoy the deal); dine-in only
  • El Torito will also feature a buy-an-adult-entrée, get-a-free-queso deal on Jan. 20, when customers mention "QUESO"; dine-in only

Choosing how we take our cheese?

That's one of the ultimate pleasures of dining, of course. We might find Gouda good, or Roquefort regal, and feeling positively cheery over cheddar is a common emotion, one many dairy devotees have experienced.

But we also have preferences when it comes to how we consume our cheese, be it sliced, cubed, or in a melty, dippable dish, the sort of warm snack that produces all sorts of splendid strings, especially as you carefully transport a chipful of cheese from a plate to your happy mouth.

Queso, of course, is one of the cheese-tastic champions of this final category. It's a legendary appetizer, full of dairy depth, rich with peppers, onions, tomatoes, salsa, meat, or served on the straight-up, nothing-added side.

Like the baked potato, the sundae, and the chopped salad, there are a million ways to queso, or so it seems, and lifelong queso-ians are ready to try, and celebrate, them all.

A fine and flavorful day to take on one or two queso offerings? It's Jan. 20, which happens to be National Cheese Lover's Day.

To pay chip-dippable homage to the day, both Acapulco Restaurant and Cantina and El Torito Mexican Restaurant will feature irresistible specials, if queso truly is one of your gooey-good comfort dishes.

At Acapulco?

You'll score a complimentary Shrimp & Spinach Queso Appetizer with the purchase of an adult entrée. El Torito has a similar offer on Jan. 20, but the appetizer will be a Queso Dip (yep, you'll still need to buy an adult entrée to enjoy the gratis goodie).

To get both, at either place? "QUESO" is the word to say when you order your entrée.

Both of these deals are good for dine-in only, keep in mind.

But wait: While there are several cheese-themed holidays on the national food calendar, including the one that tastily lands on Jan. 20 each year. But sweet news: There is also an official Queso Day, if you want to circle it now.

It flavorfully falls on Sept. 20, which means you'll have eight months to dream about what queso-mazing delights may await you. (And how appropriate that a day o' queso arrives at the very end of summer, when we're filled with all sorts of poignant and vivid emotions.)

Happy Cheese Lover's Day to all cheese-obsessed people, whether you spend the occasion with some hearty cubes, slices, hunks, chunks, or a string-tacular, melt-marvelous dish of quality queso.

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