Discounted Fido + Free Feline Adoptions This Weekend

LA Animal Services is offering reduced adoption rates on dogs and puppies while waiving adoption fees for cats and kittens.

LA Animal Services

What to Know

  • March 14 and 15, 2020
  • All six LA Animal Services Centers
  • Dog and puppy discounted adoption fees; cat and kitten adoption fees waived

Whether you prefer to have a pup nestled at your side, or cat squarely in the middle of your lap, or a kitten stationed in the crook of your neck, one thing is clear: Many people turn to animals for love, companionship, comfort, and joy.

The Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation understands how much we long for a kitten to warm our neck, hearts, and worlds, and how we long for a dog who can provide us daily delight in myriad ways.

And, of course, we long for the opportunity to love these animals back.

Not only does the organization get us, but they're helping us, too, via discounted and free animal adoptions. And there's a major adoption event happening over the final weekend of winter 2020.

Happening, let us add, at all six LA Animal Service Centers during the "Spring 'Em" adoption event.

Hoping for a hound to have around, a pooch who can go on walks with you, hang in front of the television, and show they care about your emotional wellbeing? Which canines so readily and selflessly do?

Adoption fees for both dogs and puppies will be discounted.

Longing for a feline friend, one who will meow around dinnertime and purr within your vicinity and lounge in sunbeams?

LA Animal Services is waiving cat adoption fees on both March 14 and 15, while the ASPCA will cover kitten adoption fees via a grant, making the process totally free to prospective adopters.

Spring and summer are on their way, and you may want to be outdoors with a pup more, or avoiding some of the heat streaks inside with a cute kit at your side.

Head into our future with a furry friend, thanks to the March 14 and 15 adoption event at LA Animal Services.

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