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Discover How ‘Oogie Boogie Bash' Is Merrily Made at a Special Santa Ana Event

The Disney California Adventure party is famous among fright fans; now some of its creators will gather to chat ahead of a "Nightmare"-ish screening.

Jeff DePaoli

What to Know

  • An Oogie Boogie Afternoon
  • Frida Cinema in Santa Ana on Sunday, Oct. 9
  • $30 general admission; $45 VIP

Getting to know Oogie Boogie, the oh-so-charming antagonist of "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas"?

The truth of the much-loved character is this: Reveal his dastardly secrets, he never will, for his wicked workshop, and macabre methods, are what gives him such frightful and fabulous flair.

But we can learn some of the secrets of "Oogie Boogie Bash," the Disneyland Resort's annual eveningtime fall soirée, if we take a "spin" by the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana on Sunday, Oct. 9.

For a special and especially ensorcelled afternoon is materializing at the independent movie house, all to give a green-glorious spotlight to one of stop-motion animation's most famous figures and the Disney California Adventure party he inspired.

"An Oogie Boogie Afternoon" is the name of the nefariously entertaining happening, which will close with, you guessed it, a screening of "Nightmare"-ish proportions.

Before Jack, Sally, and Zero can hold charming on-screen court, however, there shall be a pre-movie discussion, one that delves into the details of the famous nighttime to-do.

"For the first time ever, members from Disney Live Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering will be discussing the creation of Disneyland Resort's sell-out Halloween party," with Jordan Peterson, the event's creator and show director, media and lighting director KC Wilkerson, and producer Jennifer Magill all set to appear on the eeky and informative panel.

If you've attended "Oogie Boogie Bash," with its trick-or-treating opportunities, splashy shows, and over-the-top effects, then this will be the sort of delight that adds a further dimension to your eerie experience.

And if you're a longtime fan of the 1993 stop-motion classic, consider "An Oogie Boogie Afternoon" to be one more pumpkin for your patch, the patch where you grow all of the atmospheric elements of your "Nightmare"-fun fandom.

A ticket is $30, and includes both the pre-movie chat and screening. VIP tickets give you a closer seat, and popcorn and regular soda. And sweet: Everyone in attendance gets a poster and a lanyard.

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