Discover Waffle Cones from the Future, at Dolly Llama

Try a waffle stick or waffle bubble with your ice cream and toppings.

What to Know

  • Feb. 1 opening
  • DTLA
  • Toppings, sauces, and ice cream, with waffles

It's probably no coincidence that some of our favorite foods, as in our gotta-have-on-a-desert-island foods, as in those eats that we would devour every single day if time, budget, and diet allowed, are so transmutable.

Take the pizza slice, which can appear in pizza pop form, and in pizza rolls, and even the much-rhapsodized-over pizza bagel. Tortillas are also amazing when they become tortilla chips as well as edible, crunchy bowls for taco salads.

And the waffle? Oh, that bready, doughy, soft-pocket'd, easy-to-syrup morningtime superstar. It has long found a second role holding ice cream, but even the waffle cone, which is a different form of the waffle, is a transmutable goodie.

The Dolly Llama, a new treat shop in DTLA, is proving that, for while waffles are at the base of their ice cream-themed concoctions, they're no mere waffle cones. Rather, think waffle sticks and bubble waffles, in addition to the traditional flat waffle, too.

Once you choose what form you want your waffle to arrive in, you'll pick an ice cream flavor, and toppings, if you're into smaller tasty tidbits dotting scoops of ice cream and freshly made waffles.

Choices include Cocoa Puffs, pretzel balls, and strawberries, while red velvet, horchata, green tea, salted caramel, and cookie monster are all on the ice cream roster.

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Yes, there are lots more toppings, and a few other ice cream flavors, too, of the classic variety. Plus sauces. Did we talks sauces? Nutella, maple syrup, and peanut butter are three different ways you can go in the drizzle-it-on department.

The price? Your OG waffle is six bucks, as is the waffle stick, while the waffle bubble comes in at $8. That includes a sauce and two toppings.

If you want ice cream, go with the bubble waffle. That's included.

If you want to visit, it is at 611 S. Spring St. in DTLA. The Dolly Llama is currently in its soft opening, with the official doors-open date set for the first day of February.

As for you, dear waffle? Keep on becoming other things, yummy things with different shapes, delicious things that hold different sauces and toppings. Because with your dough, and pockets, and easy-to-love texture and flavor?

You're one of those perfect foods that can step into any winning role.

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