Disney California Adventure: Food & Wine Fest 2017

Stroll among the Festival Marketplaces and nosh on a variety of tidbits.

If you've ever spent a day at Disneyland Resort, it is likely that, at some point, you held something tightly in the palm of your hand. It may have been a Donald Duck toy, or a light saber, or an autograph book, or a balloon string, or a dill pickle, or all of the above.

And while we wouldn't advise you to unhand your balloon or light saber, we will pause here to suggest that while the dill pickle at the famous theme park are tangy tubes of sour sublimeness, there are, from time to time, other tidbits to try at the Anaheim destination.

And when the Food & Wine Festival arrives at Disney California Adventure, those tidbits greatly multiply, for a month-plus emphasis is placed on gourmet goodies, mealtime favorites, and fresh new flavors from innovative chefs.

The festival, which was set on hold a few years back as Cars Land rose, is a springtime staple of the newer theme park, a hallmark that will again spread out, via Festival Marketplaces and other must-visit locations, from March 10 through April 16, 2017.

Disneyland Resort revealed the dates on Monday, Jan. 9, with the announcement that "even more Festival Marketplaces" would be part of the foodie fun in 2017, as well as "Festival-inspired menus at existing restaurants and eateries..."

The interaction, learn-a-lot element has traditionally been a big part of the Food & Wine Festival since its 2006 start, and that will continue in 2017 via "seminars, demonstrations, and presentations." Guy Fieri, Duff Goldman, and several more chefs'll pay the park a visit during the festival's run.

As for tickets? They'll be available beginning on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

As for the aforementioned pickle, or a churro, or ice cream in a waffle cone, or a chocolate-dipped pineapple spear, or another classic Disney treat? For sure, you should get your go-to goodie if you're at the park. Don't completely unhand it, is what we're saying.

But when some fresh flavors unfurl in the spring, via the Food & Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure, setting aside that pickle or churro for an hour or two, while you try zingy dishes and bites, gives theme-park eating a whole new dimension. 

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