Disneyland Dressy: Dapper Day

Break out those dresses and heels, Mouseketeers.

Many of the ubiquitous Disneyland bags you see around the Magic Kingdom contain Mickey-cute clothing, the sweatshirts and tees that guest plan on wearing back home.

But there's a growing contingent of people who shop away from the world's most famous theme park -- sometimes hundreds of miles away -- in preparation of the very careful, highly planned outfit they'll wear during their big day at Disneyland. 

These are the Dapper Day at the Parks fans, the Disney devotees who arrive in Anaheim -- and in Orlando and Paris, too -- a couple of times of year with a single sartorial motive in mind: Enjoy the parks, and do so in very high, often vintage style alongside "20,000+ other fashionable guests!"

The Spring Dapper Day is set for Sunday, March 1, with a Dapper Day Expo running at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel on Saturday, Feb. 28 and Sunday, March 1.

If you've ever been at one of the three parks that the Dapper Day dressies dress up at, on the special day in question, you can find yourself agog: Strolling fashion-forward people rocking fedoras, seersucker suits, seamed stockings, crinoline-cute frocks, and prim gloves are out in force. The look isn't always '30s and 1940s, though; sashaying in your "Sunday's Best" is really the only ask of the organizers.

Dapper Day began in the winter of 2011, and has become quite the fancy phenomenon, with attendees regularly traveling from all points of Southern California, and beyond.

There's a sold-out Lawn Party for the Spring 2015 Dapper Day, though rain may lead the revelers inside. Suggestions as to what to enjoy, like a ride on the Mark Twain Riverboat, are on the Dapper Day headquarters. 

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Other tailored, pin-tucked to-dos pack the picturesque happening, an event that produces many a stunning photo of well-frocked fun people standing before the colorful King Arthur Carousel and the marquee bulbs of Main Street.

Need more info before you bow tie yourself right up? Saunter this way. Want to see the always great and plentiful photography that follows? Dapper Day can help you out there, too.

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