Disneyland Halloween Opens: Gingerbread Reveal

Oogie Boogie of "Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas" is up to spirited high jinks in this year's Haunted Mansion centerpiece.

Disneyland Resort's celebrated Halloween sweets 'n treats 'n gooey eats?

They're available for purchase, and then for eager munching, throughout the Anaheim destination. You can find a candy corn goodie that looks slightly sinister, a Poison Skull apple, and a bat cookie that appears ready to fly out of your hands. Or you can have all three, if that's your Halloween hankering.

But there's one dessert you can see, but not bite into, in the theme park, and while that's a fact that might send confection fans elsewhere, many people visit Disneyland hoping to admire the look-don't-eat treat.

It's the gingerbread house at the center of the Haunted Mansion Holiday, and it made its seasonally sweet debut on Friday, Sept. 15, along with the other eerie attractions and must-dos of Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort.

This is a very special, and especially large, centerpiece, as it appears in the iconic ballroom of the Haunted Mansion each and every year for several fall-into-winter weeks.

But each and every year, at least over the last 17 years? The edible sculpture changes, theme-wise, and the 2017 theme is especially eye-catching. It's Oogie Boogie, up on top of the gingerbread house, and he's "peeling back the roof" as spiders and gummy worms stream out.

Oogie Boogie, the charming villain of "Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas," is a prominent player in the 2017 Halloween celebrations at the theme parks; you can find his exquisite silhouette holding eerie court above the entrance to Disney California Adventure, too.

As for that gingerbread work of art? We're quite sure you'll lean forward, in your Haunted Mansion Doom Buggy, the better to see the ballroom centerpiece. And will you sniff the spicy smell of gingerbread as you pass by? It's been known to happen, so keep your sniffer primed for action.

Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort gallops, with the speed and power of the Headless Horseman, right through to Tuesday, Oct. 31.

To experience the costumed cars of Cars Land, Monsters After Dark at Guardians of the Galaxy, and a host of other haunted happenings, best fly like a happy bat for the Happiest Place on Earth before Halloween arrives.

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