Disneyland New: Lightsaber Churros

They're only available through May, and only near Star Tours — The Adventures Continue.

Like autumn follows summer, and night follows day, and you'd always put mustard on your hot dog, if mustard is available, there are a number of set-in-stone, fast-and-absolute rules in this world.

And one of the most widely known, closely adhered-to tenets is this: When you're wielding a lengthy piece of food like a lightsaber, you would not, repeat, would not make the "pew, pew, pew" sound as you wage battle.

"Frwuummmm" is close, or maybe "ssschoonnrrr," if you can give it some guttural spin.

Whatever your sound choice, know that you no longer need to rely on a carrot, or breadstick, to be your lightsaber, for there are actual totally edible lightsaber churros in existence, and you don't even need to visit Hoth to find one: They're for sale, right now, in this particular time stream, at Disneyland Resort.

They're only available through May, and only near Star Tours — The Adventures Continue.

You know how fast it takes a lightsaber to frwuummmm on, once you flick the switch? That's how quickly you'll need to get to Anaheim to enjoy one. They're a May-only treat, as in May 2017, and there's a "while supplies last" asterisk included, too, straight from the resort.

There are also two churro lightsabers for sale, for $4.50 each, so choose your side: blue or red.

A Disneyland representative says that the "red and blue coloring is not cinnamon like our traditional churros, but instead sugar."

A few last things to know before you set your ship to hyperdrive for Hoth, er, we mean Anaheim? You'll need to visit the Churro Cart near Star Tours: The Adventures Continue to find 'em, so don't just saunter up to any cart in the park in hopes you'll find your all-in-one toy-snack.

And two? There's already a hashtag for the treat — #lightsaberchurros — as, no surprise, the flavorful phenomenon is lighting up social media.

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