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Disneyland's 60th: Big Crowds for Limited Pin

Thousands of fans show up in advance of the theme park's opening day anniversary.

We're all a little shocked, and even dismayed, when we turn a corner outside a movie theater or a sports event and see lines/crowds/throngs of a rather remarkable size.

There are a few asterisks to this generally widespread opinion, though, and they involve A) Comic-Con International and B) any event to do with Disneyland's ever-popular, oh-so-trade-fun pins. Fans of both properties expect major queues and some wait time, and they weather it in a relaxed way that should serve as an inspiration to all people who must stand in a line for something they like.

And while Comic-Con just wrapped in San Diego, and, with it, those incredible queue-ups, mavens of the Magic Kingdom's famous pins, and their equally as famous releases, started gathering in Anaheim.

The park's Diamond Celebration pins have been rolling out for awhile now, depicting everything from the Jungle Cruise to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, with each design getting their own special 60th diamond insignia in one corner. 

But there was one more pin to go, and the grand release was timed to the week of the opening day anniversary (the world's most famous theme park had its celebrated debut on July 17, 1955, you'll recall).  

The OC Register caught the crowds in full line-up, saying that 2,000-plus fans had begun to wait near Downtown Disney over a day ahead of time for a chance to buy that much-desired final pin. 

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July 16, the Big Release Day for the Last Pin, was noted on the official Disneyland blog: "Also being offered on July 16 is the final pin in the Countdown series -- a limited release birthday collection logo pin, and a jumbo pin (edition size1000)."

Social media reactions reflected the hugeness of the occasion, both in spirit and crowd size, with one fan quipping "There should be an 'I survived the Disneyland 60th diamond pin series' T-shirt!" (A charming idea, Chelsea Schwartz; maybe for the park's 70th?)

As all pin people know, releases happen at certain purveyors, and the Disneyland blog had those listed for all who wanted to show: Little Green Men Store Command in Disneyland, Julius Katz & Sons at Disney California Adventure Park, and Disney's Pin Traders at Downtown Disney.

And pin fans were at the ready, line-up chairs and paperbacks and all.

If you've ever seen a Disneyland guest trading a pin with a cast member -- a time-honored park tradition -- and you've wondered if that's the extent of the pin fandom world, know this: It is a serious and beloved pursuit for thousands of collectors and events surrounding pin admiring and trading dot fans' year-round calendar, with events happening both at the resort and elsewhere.

Okay with queues, in the way that Disneyland people can be? Then dress up in your 1955 best and make for the park on Friday, July 17, which marks 60 years to the day since Disneyland's opening. There are sure to be lots of fans there, if the line for the last of the Countdown pins is a clue. Not to mention all the people who showed for the May 22, 2015 event, where the parks stayed open for 24 hours.

Some lines in this world are long but some are lively; ask any Mouseketeer intent on getting that sure-to-be-prized pin.

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