Disneyland's Star Tours Adds a New Planet

Pack your bags, fans, and prepare to zoom to Crait "later this year."

Somewhere in Disneyland Park, right now, or at least very recently, or soon in the future, this exact question is being put to someone who just rode Star Tours by someone who opted to visit another attraction: Where'd ya go?

Because, as is the way with the popular motion simulator adventure, a person could visit Hoth or Naboo or Tatooine due to the fantastical fact that "...multiple story combinations set a different course almost every time!"

It's this exact up-in-the-air flavor that draws park guests back, again and again, on the thrilling chance that they could ride a different ride than the one they just departed.

For where the Starspeeder 1000 might zoom off to, with you aboard, is as mysterious as the complex inner dialogue of the dianoga, better known as the Trash Compactor Monster from Episode IV. (Surely a dianoga has complex thoughts? Fingers crossed for a stand-alone film.)

Now hold onto your light sabers, Star Tours regulars, and your pet dianoga, too: A new world will be added "later this year" to the shuffle, per a revelation at the recent Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, and that planet is Crait, as seen in the recently released trailer for "The Last Jedi."

You'll swoop in "...in the middle of an epic battle," so do make sure you're fastened in and all belongings are well-stowed, as is tradition on the Starspeeder 1000.

Just what sights and sounds will Crait hold, though? See that, you soon shall. Patience, you must have.

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The Tomorrowland attraction will mark its 6th birthday soon, after being revamped from an earlier iteration of Star Tours.

And, yes, this newer space operatic experience is indeed called Star Tours — The Adventure Continues, officially, though, like Pirates, Mansion, and Big Thunder, it is a ride name that is apt to be shortened in everyday speak by those fans eager to find out if their friends want to board the Starspeeder 1000 together for, quite possibly, an entirely fresh trip into outer space.

But will you be picked as the rebel spy on your trip? That lucky park guest who's always singled out, on camera, before lift-off?

It's one of the "gets" of Star Tours. Add that dream to finally flying to a new world when Crait is added to the ride later in 2017.

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