Dive into a Late-Night Aquarium of the Pacific Deal

Enjoy a sundown stroll around the lauded Long Beach fish-porium.

What to Know

  • Through Sept. 2, 2018
  • Select nights, 5 to 8 p.m.
  • $14.95

"There are more fish in the sea" is trotted out in many a friend-to-friend conversation, especially following an episode of heartbreak.

And it is true: There are always more fish in the sea, even when compared to a fish-filled aquarium. That's a fact that's hardly worth quibbling over, for an ocean is rather larger than every building ever built, including sizable aquatic institutions.

But we can see a whole host of fishies and turtles and sharks and rays inside an aquarium, which isn't always a given during a visit to our nearest ocean, as wonderful as that may be. Which is why calling upon our local aquariums, like the one that sits grandly and glub-glub-ly at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, is so essential and rewarding.

The rewards grow during select summer nights, when the Aquarium of the Pacific offers discount admissions to those fish fans calling upon the H2O-riffic spot later in the day. 

That admission? It's $14.95, and you'll get three quality hours of anemone admiring and seal squeeing, should you arrive at 5 o'clock, when the discount price kicks in.

As mentioned, this is a select-night kind of deal, so make sure you're there on the right evening. 

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Also? The Lorikeet Forest'll be tucked-up for the night, during the Discounted Late Nights, so plan your bird-centric visit for another day.

There'll be plenty of cool crabs and floaty jellies and comical otters to admire, of course, and the knowledge that you're there at a discounted price is pretty sweet, too.

Is it a feeling as sweet as summertime? That's pretty untoppable, but getting to connect with our water-dwelling pals, our gill-rocking co-earthlings, is also very sweet. 

Do so, before summer, and the late-night discounts, wraps up.

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