Dodger Tradition: Bowwows and Baseball

Fans dress their Fidos in Dodger Blue and make for Elysian Park.

What are the top dog-nice cities in California?

We're betting a lot of people would land on places like Carmel, where hooks to hold leashes hang near some stores. Or Palm Springs, where it isn't uncommon to see several dishes of water sitting outside places of business.

But let's give LA props for pups, too. Not only do we sport several major muttly spectaculars, such as walking fundraisers and adopt-a-thons, but we occasionally invite our hounds to people-only events. Exhibit A? A Dodgers baseball game.

That happens once a year (though it was twice in 2012), but Bark in the Park is a big day. Legions of Lassies turn out, many rocking some Dodger Blue, and ready to join the parade and rally.

The dogly day, which is sponsored by Natural Balance, happens on Saturday, May 11. People arriving with their pet will want to get to the field well ahead of game time, since the rally is at 4:10 p.m.

All canines will have to have their papers, vaccinations and so forth, before they can be a part of the celebration. There are also waivers to fill out, too, ahead of time. Consider the extra effort of gathering the documents is worth it: The Dodgers donate some of the funds to the SPCA.

Yep, there are a lot of special days and giveaways at the stadium, but only one where yipping and howling occasionally drowns out the sound of the organ and the crack of the bat.

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