Dog-Walking Days Return to South Coast Botanic Garden

Pups on the sunny strut? Find 'em at this spacious Palos Verdes Peninsula spot on the third Sunday of the month (advance tickets are a must).

South Coast Botanic Garden

What to Know

  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Every third Sunday of the month, starting on Feb. 21, through May 16
  • Members are free; $15 general adult, $11 senior, $5 child, $5 dog

Can flora take identifying inspiration from fauna?

It can, and often does, for we humans have shown a knack for naming all sorts of plants, flowers, trees, and leafy living things after the animals we love.

And when we get to putting names to green and growing things, we frequently find inspiration in our furry companions, those beings that find so much joy in being outdoors.

You don't need to plunge too deeply into a plant catalog to find the dog rose, dog grass, and oodles of seed-sprouting wonders named for canines.

So the notion of taking our dogs for a stroll in a grand garden? South Coast Botanic Garden understands this uplifting, eternally pleasing impulse.

And to help facilitate Fidos visiting the 87-acre property, the team at the Palos Verdes Peninsula destination created Dog Walking Hours.

These special visit-with-your-hound happenings have occurred in the past, and they're returning over four springtime Sundays.

The first one of the set struts on Sunday, Feb. 21, while the final one of this run is on Sunday, May 16.

It's easy to remember when these pup prance-arounds are happening: It's the third Sunday of every month from February through May 2021.

But much in the same way that you don't wait too long to give your good girl a treat or your good boy a belly scratch, you won't want to wait on securing your advance tickets: Capacity is limited.

Also, your pooch will need her/his own ticket, too, in addition to your entry. And be sure that your Lassie or Laddie is well-leashed for your adventure together.

Do read all, and keep in mind that while dozens of the garden's sublime acreage is open to puply rambles, some places, like the Koi Pond, will be a no-go during these special outdoor events.

Remember your face covering, and to review the flowery wonderland's safety policies before purchasing your ticket, or tickets, for you and your tail-wagger.

Now that we see it, wouldn't "tail-wagger" be a fine name for a plant with especially long fronds?

Spy beautiful plants boasting thousands of wondrous names, all with your happy pooch at your side, during South Coast Botanic Garden's doggiest days of the year.

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