Dogs Are the Stars at This Sunny Santa Monica Cinema

Leash up your bestie for an outdoor screening of "Monsters, Inc."; "Pup"-corn, pet vendors, and a photo costume contest are part of the party.


What to Know

  • Join a Pet Wellness Month party at The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport
  • "Monsters, Inc." screens on Saturday, Oct. 9 at 1:30 (doors open at noon)
  • Prices vary; a Movie Fam Vehicle entry is $25.50

Maybe it is all of the outlandish outfits filling store shelves right now, or the October-adorable treats, but we've got dogs on our blissful brains as the tenth month begins, because connecting with canines can make for a particularly bliss-filled outlook.

If you're looking for whimsical ways to connect with your own canine, consider this: The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport, the pop-up, watch-films-outside destination, is inviting dog lovers to attend a special screening with their besties at our side.

And when we say "at their side" we mean at their side outside, for this isn't a traditional drive-in but rather a "drive-up," with reserved lawn boxes for each 2- or 4-person household or group.

This open-air cinema also boasts a drive-in element, if you'd like to stay in your car, but do decide which before you purchase your ticket to a screening, as there are a few different options.

And here's something sweet: You can watch "Monsters, Inc." at the drive-up or drive-in on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 9, and enjoy it alongside your dog.

For Rooftop Cinema Club, the group behind The Drive-Up in Santa Monica, is spotlight National Pet Wellness Month with a festive and furry event.

Pet vendors are going to visit the airport grounds on Saturday, Oct. 9, Pupcorn is the main snack, and there shall be a Pet Photo Contest, too (in case you want to pack your pooch's costume for the adventure).

A dollar from every ticket sold to the screening will be donated to Much Love Animal Rescue.

Don't live with a dog or eager to have an outing that's just for the humans in the household? There are several more movies ahead on The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport's schedule, including plenty of frightful flicks.

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