Dogs on Deck to Set Adorable Sail for a Good Cause

It's a Hornblower cruise, a fundraiser for LA Animal Services, and a costume contest, all rolled into one. The place? Marina del Rey.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 19
  • 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.
  • $65

Canines doing a crab walk? Fidos raising their fluke, er, tail, in the majestic manner of a whale about to take a deep dive?

Our pooch pals can summon the sea to mind, for we humans, in many ways. But getting out onto the waves with our woofers doesn't happen all that often, simply because boats don't always hang out the "welcome" sign for our hounds.

That's definitely not the case with a happy Hornblower cruise that's set to set sail from Marina del Rey on Saturday, Oct. 19. It's all about the hounds going 'round the harbor, and the cruise's name adds all the proof you need: Dogs on Deck.

And you don't need to ponder the date for too long to understand there'll be a Halloween feel to the furry fun.

Costumes will rule the cruise, and there's a contest, too, so dress up your little four-legged Laddie/Lassie in their very best seasonal get-up.

A "gourmet lunch" for the people is on the roster (it's boxed), as well as treats for the pup crowd (Petco is providing). And best of all? A portion of your ticket will help LA Animal Services.

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That's as sweet as a sunny day on the water with your bestie.

A person ticket is $65, while a dog ticket is not required. Yep, they're free, but note that one dog per adult attendee will be admitted.

And while we're hovering over things to note, there are some things to know before you go. Like? Your dog should be at least six months of age.

The boat heads out at 12:30, but you'll want to board starting at noon. 

Woof? Woof. Find more woofable 'n wonderful must-knows about this sweet, furry, fundraiser of a pre-Halloween Hornblower bash here.

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