Donate a Toy at The Spirit of Christmas Train

Santa's boarding the Fillmore & Western Railway to collect toys and deliver cheer along a number of rail-close stops.

Fillmore & Western Railway

What to Know

  • Sunday, Dec. 2
  • Begins at 5 p.m.
  • Start: Montalvo Metrolink Station. End: Sespe St. & Old Telegraph Road in Fillmore


We don't mean to rail against convention, or provide an engine against what's normally done, or even choo-choose the wrong answer here.

But when we say that people can generally board a train? We're not just whistling.

For trains are meant for riding, quite typically, and while model trains were not created for passengers, full-size rail-runners can most definitely cart around a whole heap of human-sized travelers.

But a full-size train, one that's famously associated with Fillmore, will not be whisking adventurers to, nor fro, on Sunday, Dec. 2.

Rather, this is a train ride that has been created solely for Santa Claus, though the Jolly Old Elf isn't simply train-ing around just for the sake of seasonal fun: He'll be stopping at a number of places along the tracks and collecting unwrapped toys to donate to children in need, on behalf of the Rotary Clubs of Fillmore & Santa Paula.

Look for Santa to also have some sweet giveaways in his big bag o' joy, like candy canes and coloring books.

And his picturesque ride? It's the old-school #14 steam locomotive, a classic that'll be dressed up in seasonal finery, complete with wreaths, ornaments, and bows.

Also on board for this cute, train-tastic toy-raiser, in addition to the Fillmore & Western Railway? A number of area agencies, including the Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs Association and the Fillmore Fire Department.

When to see Santa and hand Ol' Saint Nick your unwrapped toy or toys? The train chugga-chuggas on Dec. 2, starting at 5 o'clock, from the Montalvo Metrolink Station.

You can find all of Santa's stops on this page, and where exactly you'll need to be to wave at the train, and meet the bearded superstar, and, most importantly, provide cheer to children in the Santa Clara Valley in Ventura County.

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