Don't Let Cheeseburger Week Pas You By

The winter-hearty Pasadena tradition is on now, so find your favorite dairy-topped patty and dig in.

Kyle Monk

What to Know

  • Dozens of Pasadena eateries
  • Through Jan. 31
  • Granville, Roy's, and Alexander's Steakhouse are new participants in 2020

There are plenty of common questions in this world that could be described as "loaded" or "fraught" or even best avoided.

Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie? If brunch happens between breakfast and lunch, is a meal eaten at 3 p.m. considered to be linner?

And is a cheeseburger a sandwich?

That last mind-bender is probably best discussed over a dinner involving the soft-of-bun, hearty-of-patty, tangy-of-topping icon.

Where to find some truly outstanding cheeseburgers? Pasadena is one perfect place, especially as January 2020 winds down. For we're in the munchy middle of Cheeseburger Week, an annual celebration of a sandwich, er, meal that is synonymous with the city.

Why? Because legend has it that the first cheeseburger was served at Pasadena's own Rite Spot back in the middle of the 1920s. Since then, millions of cheeseburgers have been made, perfected, and devoured around the Crown City, and the tasty tradition continues.

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Cheeseburger Week, which is being observed by eateries throughout Pasadena and beyond, includes the Cheeseburger Challenge (where diners can vote for their patty-related picks) and several cheeseburgers created for the special happening.

Where to find those timely tastes? El Portal, The Luggage Room, and The Great Maple all are rocking cheeseburgers invented for this hearty stretch of days.

It's a stretch that's wrapping at the close of the month, so get to one of these spots soon if you consider yourself something of a pro when it comes to topping patties with cheddar, provolone, or both. Or some other cheesy combo that hasn't fully been realized yet.

Is Cheeseburger Week the greatest of all Restaurant Week themes? Like determining if a cheeseburger is actually a sandwich, that topic, too, deserves some careful, over-dinner consideration.

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