Doughnuts Meet Beer at This Brewery Bash

"Hop" by the Indie Brewing Company for this offbeat happening, which pairs pints with pastries.

Scott Grummett

What to Know

  • Sunday, Jan. 26 (1 to 3 p.m. VIP, 3 to 5 p.m. general)
  • 2350 Sunrise Street
  • $25-$50

Doughnut holidays can pop up in the spring, and doughnut-themed occasions can fill a summer's day, and we can fall for doughnuts in the autumn, but here's the straight-up what's what: Wintertime is doughnuttime.

And while "doughnuttime" isn't officially a recognized season or even sub-season, or is it an actual word, we all can agree that if ever there was a doughnuttime, it would coincide with the middle of winter, the stretch we're now beginning.

Thank goodness Indie Brewing Company recognizes doughnuttime. The brewhouse, which is located not far from where the 101, the 5, and the 10 all touch, is throwing a full-on doughnuts-plus-beer bash on Sunday, Jan. 26.

There shall be brews, yes, and ten doughnut samples to pair with your suds.

You'll also be tasked with pick "LA's Favorite Donut," which doesn't sound like a hard task at all, in terms of the trying-and-eating. The selection process, though, may be stickier, because there are many strong contenders out there.

How are you spending the final Sunday in January, which is, yes, wintertime but also doughnuttime? Consider an hour or two spent at this gathering, which is a-ok for families (the kids love the doughnuts, of course).

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