‘Dream Big, Princess': See Five Disney Gems at AMC Theaters

The live-action "Beauty and the Beast," "The Princess and the Frog," and "Moana," plus other gems, will screen over a nearly five-week run.

In a magic-laden, enchantment-thick Disney film, keeping an eye on the clock, or calendar, is probably a wise idea.

After all, special things sometimes happen when a character reaches an important birthday, or completes an essential task, or performs another necessary errand that helps the story move forward.

Likewise, when "Dream Big, Princess" sails into view, a nearly five-week run of five Disney classics featuring royal characters, you'll also want to keep an eye on the calendar, to make sure you won't miss the movie you'd like to see again, on the big screen at AMC Theaters.

Of course, you may wish to catch them all, but since five weeks moves as quickly as a dancer moves through a ballroom, an entrepreneur opens a restaurant, a heroine wields a frying pan, an adventurer boards her a boat, or young woman looses a shoe at midnight, best line up your dates now.

The live-action "Beauty and the Beast" screens from Sept. 14-20, "The Princess and the Frog" returns from Sept. 21-27, "Tangled" is back from Sept. 28-Oct. 4, "Moana" runs from Oct. 5-11, and the live-action "Cinderella" wraps it all up from Oct. 12-18.

Participating AMC Theaters?

They're as plentiful as fiesty coconut pirates or talking household items, but you'll still want to make sure your local AMC is on board.

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