Drive a ‘Holiday Road' at King Gillette Ranch

Are you a Nights of the Jack fan at Halloween time? This sparkly roll-through is from the same merry-minded team.

Holiday Road

What to Know

  • Calabasas
  • Dec. 4, 2020 through Jan. 10, 2021
  • $75-$95 per vehicle (depending on the date)

November boasts as many magical elements as a colorful tree has golden leaves.

But the most charming and easy-to-see of these enchanted elements? The fact that, right now, in many neighborhoods, leftover Halloween decorations are currently commingling with the early trimmings of Christmas.

Pumpkins and reindeer can still occupy the same porch, while snowmen and skeletons wave from the yard.

It's a reminder that what we love at Halloween can often transform into something different at Christmas, something that we'll also grow sweet on.

Look to the team behind the long-running Nights of the Jack in Calabasas for ebullient evidence of this fact. The annual October event did transform into a drive-thru in 2020, but the glowing gourds remained in place.

Now the people who created that spooky extravaganza are fashioning a festive new drive-thru, just in time for the holidays.

Like the recent iteration of Nights of the Jack, Holiday Road will be a stay-in-your-vehicle, ooh-and-ahh-at-the-sights spectacular.

A host of holiday-themed installations, "thousands" of lights, and a variety of Christmas-famous sights and figures will be placed around the route through King Gillette Ranch.

Good to know?

Photos are a-ok, and, for sure, there shall be tags, but everyone in your vehicle should stay inside the vehicle during the experience.

Tickets are timed, and a ticket covers up to seven people in your car.

As for the slow-a-tude of your particular roll? Top speed is five miles per hour, giving all oohers-and-ahhers plenty of time to see the sparkle outside the car's windows.

The twinkle gets twinkling on Dec. 4, with a wrap-up date pushing well into January 2021. It's Jan. 10, should you need some illuminated cheer to start your new eyar.

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