Drive-Thru Dunkin' Donuts: California's First Readies Downey Debut

A city much associated with fast foot legend gets SoCal's first stay-in-your-car Dunkin' Donuts.

It's never been said before, and it is a theory fraught with dissenters and controversy, but we feel emboldened enough to say it here: Southern Californians love their automobiles.

Wait, did we get right? Oh, hold on: We mean it has been said fifteen billion million times as of today. Car culture flourished 'round these parts way back when, when cities like Downey became famed for drive-thru culture, thanks, in part, to the early fast food restaurants settting up hamburger-flavored shop in the city.

So prepare, Downey. That time-honored tradition is about to continue, but not with ketchup on top; rather, sprinkles and chocolate frosting are the name of this game.

Dunkin' Donuts, the much-adored Massachusetts baked goods empire, is rolling out free-standing Southern California locations, and its Downey outpost boasts a cruller-like twist: It's the first Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru in the Golden State.

The address? 9070 Firestone Boulevard in Downey. The opening date? Tuesday, Sept. 23. Opening time? You guessed it, morning birds: 5 a.m.

And you can guess there will be queues, too, to match the lengthy lines seen by the Santa Monica Dunkin' Donuts, which opened earlier this month.

As for the giveaways? The first person in line -- actually make that persons, plural, given that there'll be a walk-in line and a car line -- will get free coffee for a year. And the first 100 people in the walk-in line shall walk out with a tote bag full of Dunkin'-type delights.

And will Cuppy, the coffee-cute mascot for the chain, be around for photos? Please. You know Cuppy has the big day circled on his calendar. (Though Cuppy should have an assistant, maybe, given that he's so busy with openings. Maybe a helper named Creamy? Or Stir Stick? Dunkin' Donuts, what say you?)

This is the second SoCal opening but note: Modesto's Dunkin' Donuts has debuted, if you're up yonder. Whittier and Long Beach are still to come. (Again, Cuppy needs that assistant.)

Also: Do we say "drive-thru" or "drive-through" in Southern California? Can we all agree to go with "drive-thru," given that it is a little catchier, a little faster, a little more vroom-vroom? Like the car culture that's flowered here for, truly, a century or so now?

Happy donuting, Downey.

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