Drums'll Hum at a Free and Virtual Global Fest

Join the Bowers Museum on Facebook Live! for a family-fun event featuring percussive performances, an art project, and more.


What to Know

  • Sunday, Aug. 30 at 11 a.m.
  • Performances and craft projects
  • The Bowers Museum is temporarily closed

Flashback to a past music festival you loved.

You're walking up to an outdoor event, checking your pocket for the ticket, chatting with your friend, and then: You hear something, in the distance, beyond the hill.

What's the first instrument you pick out, connect with, fall a little in love with? Chances are strong that the strong vibes of percussion have flowed over the hill and straight into your heart.

For drumming? Wherever it takes place on this planet, it has a penchant to thrill, delight, and deepen appreciation.

The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana will run with that, one terrific tap-tap-tap at a time, when the International Drumming Festival arises as a virtual happening via Facebook Live!

And international, it definitely is, for the line-up visits several points around the globe.

On the roster? So much drum-sweet music. Straight from the Santa Ana museum's site, here's the fantastic rundown:

  • Robin Sakhadia plays the Indian Tabla drums
  • Redboy Productions with Ba'ac & Jorge on drums as Nanabah dances the sacred Hoop Dance.
  • Makoto Taiko with Hunter Loyd and Kristen Hayashi
  • Willy Souley with Dafra West African Drums and Dance

There are a pair of drum-related art projects, too, to participate in from home, including the creation of a coffee can drum. Love the Chinese rattle drum? The fest's hosts will show kids how to make one, so cool.

And the day's recipe tempts, for sure: Navajo Indian Fry Bread. If only we had a little honey on hand, or perhaps some salsa.

It's a free offering from the cultural institution, which has its roots in the 1930s and its heart with the whole world.

The Bowers Museum is temporarily closed, but it has actively been reaching out to the community with a series of free and ticketed happenings, all to raise our vibrations, much like drum vibrates when it is creating sweet sounds.

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