DTLA Shop Bakes Royal Cakes for Three Kings Day

Put your order in with Pitchoun! ahead of the Jan. 6 holiday.

What to Know

  • Pitchoun! Bakery & Café
  • Order by Jan. 4 for the Jan. 6 holiday
  • $28 to $33

There are numerous celebratory dishes that appear in different guises at various times of the year. 

For example? The cheese fondues seen around the new year are not-so-distantly related to the chocolate fondues of Valentine's Day, which in turn have a lot in common with some of the gooey caramel creations that return in the fall.

Likewise, a King Cake, which is much associated with Mardi Gras, is also seen around Three Kings Day, a holiday that arrives weeks in advance of the pre-Lenten observances.

And if you do adore this sweet tradition — sweet on numerous levels, both in flavor and in meaning — then you'll want to begin your King-Cakely celebrations long before Fat Tuesday, which arrives on Feb. 13 in 2018.

Pitchoun! Bakery & Café is busily baking the storied confections ahead of Saturday, Jan. 6, which is Three Kings Day, and those who'd love their own take-home cake for the holiday should put an order in by Thursday, Jan. 4.

The shape of the cake? It pays homage to the shape of a crown. The consistency of the treat? Think light-to-the-tongue brioche, but with considerable cakey flair.

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The plastic charm that is famously hidden inside the King Cake? It's a fève, and customers who order with Pitchoun! will find one inside (the person who discovers the beneficent token in their slice might enjoy a very lucky year ahead, as the legend goes).

The bakery will also include a paper crown with each cake, if you want to feel especially regal as you savor each moist bite.

If you haven't any plans for Three Kings Day, but you'd still like to try this centuries-old goodie, which can claim deep and dessert-y roots throughout Europe, Mexico, New Orleans, and points beyond, just make for Pitchoun! ahead of Feb. 2.

Slices'll be sold at the shop through that date, giving gateau aficionados a chance to sink a fork into this festive, year-starting sweet. And entire cakes will continue to be available for ordering throughout all of January.

The galette des rois, as in the whole cake, is available for $28 through $33; you can order here or by phoning Pitchoun! at 213-689-3240.

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