DTLA, Your Shake Shack Has Finally Arrived

The "California-exclusive Roadside Double" is on the menu.

What to Know

  • Opening on Friday, March 9
  • 400 W. 8th Street
  • There are seven SoCal Shake Shacks

When you first heard that a Shake Shack was going to open downtown, back around January of 2016, did you immediately set a reminder on your phone, one that included like five exclamation points?

Or did you tape several pieces of paper, covered in detailed illustrations of burgers, to various walls of your home, while also installing burger-scented fragrance warmers and buying several articles of clothing the exact color of a finely made French fry?

If it was the former, you do love your Shake Shack, and if it was the latter, you've adopted Shake-Shack-ery as a seriously amazing lifestyle.

And while that DTLA Shake Shack was rumored to have been on the "now open" horizon for some time in 2017, back when it was announced in 2016, the open date has really and truly arrived: It's Friday, March 9, 2018, hooray, hurrah, and pass the ketchup.

It hasn't even been a decade and a half since the first Shake Shack created flavorful waves as a food cart in New York City; now, it's a legendary patties-and-more chain, with local outposts in Glendale, West Hollywood, and four more SoCal spots.

As for the newest Shack in the fam? It's at 400 W. 8th Street, in downtown, yep, and while it'll serve up the classics like the shroomy Shack Stack and the Brooklyn Pie Oh My, prepare to also possibly probably order the "California-exclusive Roadside Double, a double Swiss cheeseburger topped with Dijon mustard and bacon and beer simmered onions."

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Obviously, when you order this special burger, you'll say "please may I have the California-exclusive Roadside Double," instead of simply asking for a "Roadside Double."

We're assuming you like to be fancy, but if that's not your bag, there's no need to take our suggestion. 

Carry on.

One last very nice thing is this: Order a Pie Oh My concrete and know that 5% of the price will help out Inner-City Arts, a partner to Shake Shack. 

A custard-tastic concrete, a Shake Shack burger, and fries? No wonder you set your alert for the DTLA opening back in early 2016, complete with all of those incredibly apt exclamation points, to remind you how exciting this delish debut would ultimately be.

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