Dunkin' Just Revealed Two Weekday Freebies

The Friday doughnut freebie and the Monday coffee giveaway will pop up for Perks members on select August dates.


What to Know

  • Open to Perks members (sign up through the Dunkin' app)
  • Free coffee with the purchase of a Dunkin' food item on Aug. 10 and 17
  • Free doughnut with the purchase of a coffee on Aug. 14 and 21

Claiming that Monday and Friday have a lot in common?

Oof. You'll really need to stretch hard to make that one work.

But you can correctly say they're both weekdays, as hard as Friday strives to be thought as an honorary part of the weekend.

And they mirror each other in the sense that they serve as bookends to Saturday and Sunday, though "weekdayends" seems the more apt term.

And they're about to grow closer in the minds of Dunkin' fans, for the Massachusetts-based pastry icon just revealed that Free Coffee Mondays has launched while Free Donut Fridays are making their much-awaited return on select August dates.

As for that gratis cup of java, which is available on Aug. 10 and 17, which both happen to be Mondays?

"Perks Members get a free medium cup of delicious Dunkin’ hot or iced coffee with the purchase of any Dunkin’ food item – ranging from classic donuts to the trendy Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich and much more," says Dunkin'.

And that complimentary Friday confection?

"Back by popular demand, DD Perks Members will receive a free classic donut with the purchase of any beverage" on three Fridays to come: Aug. 7, 14, and 21.

How to become a Perks person, so you can score these doughnut-flavored, coffee-strong savings?

It's a snap: Just sign up through the Dunkin' app.

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