Dwayne Johnson Has a New Ice Cream at Salt & Straw

Teremana Small Batch Tequila partnered with the actor on the festive, limited-time flavor, which is raising money for World Central Kitchen's Restaurants for the People program.

Hiram Garcia/Salt & Straw

What to Know

  • Salt & Straw scoop shops and online
  • Through Dec. 31, 2020
  • A dollar from each pint and holiday pack sold will be donated to World Central Kitchen's Restaurants for the People program.

You don't even need to have a bucket of popcorn in your lap or soda in your hand to know what every film fan knows: If Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is upon the big screen, the one that you're keeping a rapt eye upon, everything is going to work out okay in the end.

It matters not if the film's cast is standing on the edge of a cliff or dealing with a supernatural disaster or even fending off cranky coconuts: The superstar and his memorably realized characters will be there to heroically save the day.

So when Mr. Johnson sets about partnering on a new ice cream flavor, one that has a very warm and true heart? You bet: You'll be smiling by the credits.

This ice cream, though, won't be appearing at your local cinema, but rather at Salt & Straw scoop shops, all December long.

You can also find it online, if you're not in Southern California or around Portland, where the artisanal ice cream house got its sweet start.

Dwanta's Teremana Spiked Eggnog includes Teremana Small Batch Tequila, "... which lends an oaky vanilla flavor that shines against rich, silky custard all splashed in amontillado sherry and warmed up with nutmeg and salt for a toasty finish."

As for the smile that this scoop promises? Well, that comes from the kicky, nog-strong flavor, yes, but also the good that this goodie will be doing throughout December.

For a dollar from each pint sold will be donated to the World Central Kitchen's Restaurants for the People program, which is helping essential workers during the pandemic.

Also lovely? Teremana Small Batch Tequila will match each dollar donated with another dollar.

Also nice to know? If you go with the limited-edition Dwanta Claus “Naughty, Nice & Spiked” holiday flavor pack, which includes Dwanta's Teremana Spiked Eggnog, a dollar will be donated to the program.

But take note: The holiday pack sold out in less than two days in 2019, so if you plan to order online, best be as fast.

We're talking quick here, like when Mr. Johnson swoops in to winningly wrap up the thrilling story at the close of your favorite film.

In short? That is how fast you'll want to be.

See the star's post about his fun and fundraising flavor or stop by Salt & Straw's online HQ now to secure your super-starry, give-back, egg-nog-a-licious order.

Remember: The end credits roll on Dec. 31 on this treat.

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