Dwell on Design: The Home Show from the Future

The country's "largest modern design event" returns with fresh concepts.

How do you know when a film's set designer has gone a little too far?

When a movie is set in, say, 1972, and all of the furniture looks like 1972. That's not quite right, right? Because most of our home design reflects choices we've made over the years, meaning a home in 1972 probably looks like 1960-1972, a mix of eras and styles.

There is a fast-forward button, though, on this particular process, it is found at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and it is Dwell on Design. The show is called "the largest modern design event in the country" and that billing is not particularly out-sized. Literally every major purveyor of home goods that have a contemporary flair will be at the LACC from Friday, June 21 through Sunday, June 23.

Let's start with the purveyors: There are around 400 vendors, offering everything from furniture that looks like it might have arrived downtown via a time machine that recently visited 2018 to backyard concepts to prefab home goods to green cars to landscape design.

In short, it isn't *all* couches (though, yep, how we live in our private spaces plays a major role).

Speakers and demos and events outside of the vendors fill the brimming three-day schedule.

And, yep, it is just fine that your 2013 home look like 1998-2010, if that's indeed where your budget and tastes are at. Or even 1913. But design is forever in forward motion, and adding a little tomorrow to today isn't too costly, and the benefits can be enormous (better materials, energy savings, and so forth).

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A one-day regular pass is $35.

Dwell on Design definitely has the future's phone number on speed dial and a whole set of instructions on how to incorporate it into all of the existing years and styles that exist in our homes now.

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