Early Bird Deal for LA Zoo’s Roaring Nights

The 21+ to-dos are back with a line-up of sounds from the '80s and '90s.

Jamie Pham

What to Know

  • Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  • June 28, July 19, Aug. 16, Sept. 27
  • $21 early-bird pricing before May 31 (for non-members); $16 members

You'll spend a half hour on your hair, before heading to a major work event, and you'll choose your clothing for a really special dinner.

But heading for the zoo? You're probably thinking something a bit casual, something that can breathe a little, and you'll want the comfiest shoes you have.

And yet? You may want to spend some time scrunchie-ing up, or finding your favorite flannel shirt or baby doll dress, for a special LA Zoo series that's just ahead.

Indeed, we're talking about Roaring Nights, the summertime jam for guests who are 21 or older. The four nights, which will begin on June 28 in 2019, have their vibes, looks, and themes, with both the '80s and '90s getting their moment in the sun.

Er, moonlight.

Nope, the koalas won't care what clothes you choose, but consider dressing in theme, if you're so inclined.

You might also be inclined, once there, to purchase an adult beverage, to dance to a live band, to sway to the tunes selected by one of the big-name DJs set to show (Richard Blade is kicking it all off, '80s-style), and, of course, to take a spot for one of the up-close animal encounters, an educational and adorable hallmark of Roaring Nights.

As for the sustenance end of things?

No need to gnaw on a eucalyptus leaf, like a koala might. There will be food trucks, with The Deli Doctor, Baby's Badass Burgers, and several other sizzlers on the fill-the-tum line-up.

Best of all? Well, maybe this is just one of the "best of alls," when you consider that seeing animals is pretty darn "best of all," as is wearing your favorite '80s ensemble to the zoo.

But still pretty amazing? There's a sale on, through May 31, where you can save on a ticket. That's currently $21, before May ends, if you're not a member of the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. If you are? Your ticket is $16.

So will the flamingos appreciate your fashion sense, if you go the retro route? They are, after all, pink, a hue that's often associated with '80s couture.

Or will the lions love your mullet? They, too, rock astounding manes, so your hair should be styled however you like, retro or not.

Find out more about Roaring Nights, tickets, bands, food trucks, and the delicious yesteryear music vibe faster than a koala can down a leaf. 

Well, okay, which isn't all that fast, granted. But best get a move on to score that early ticket deal, pronto.

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