Ears to the La Habra Corn Festival

Find three days of car show fun, beer garden tastiness, and kernel-tastic yum.

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What to Know

  • Aug. 2-4, 2019
  • El Centro Lions Park
  • Free admission

Prodding someone about how they prefer to enjoy a particular foodstuff?

It's a question that doesn't always need to be asked, as some iconic eats stay true to a single form or presentation.

But not corn, nope and no way. You can cob it, bowl it, throw it into a pan of succotash, bake it into some muffins, go elote, or make corn pudding or corn ice cream.

Oh yes, and it is very often popped.

The truth of it? Corn slides between the flavorful worlds of dinner and dessert as easily as a pat of butter slides down a cob that's hot off the grill.

Enter La Habra, which is known for a mid-summer celebration devoted to corndom, and to community, and to cool cars, and ride-based fun, too.

The La Habra Corn Festival always begins on the first Friday of August, which, in 2019, is Aug. 2, and it always lasts for three busy days.

Days that are devoted to a host of contests, some involving eating, some not, as well as plenty of corn-based bliss.

There's a Corn Festival Parade, and a beer and wine garden, and a car show, too, plus "... numerous rides and attractions, independent food, game and craft booths, a market place, live music, a car opportunity draw contest, and Miss La Habra, the club queen and her court!"

It's a busy weekend, with as many events as a cob has kernels (or seemingly so).

You say you have to eat a little corn every day? Then pull at this silk thread, now, to find out more about this summer charmer, a carnival-esque gathering that's a seasonal staple in the La Habra area.

We're all ears over this one, and fully buttered up, too.

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