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Earth from Space: A New IMAX Experience

Pay a visit to the International Space Station for a look at "A Beautiful Planet."

Since our days are flush with variety, from errands to work to leisure time, it is difficult to say, with certainty, what a stranger does or does not have on their personal plate during any 24-hour period.

But we'll say, with some confidence, that most earthlings, save an individual or two every now and then, will not be visiting the International Space Station during their daily rounds.

It's just a guess, really, but probably pretty accurate. If you're a bit bummed about this, that tomorrow's to-do list doesn't include calling upon the International Space Station, then prepare to perk up: IMAX is unveiling a new film that's centered around the celebrated, astronaut-tastic satellite.

"A Beautiful Planet 3D," which is narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, debuts at the California Science Center and other select IMAX cinemas on Friday, April 29, just in time for the close of Earth Month. But, of course, when Earth is right out your window much of the time, as it is on the space station, every month is Earth Month (as, really, it should be for the globe below).

The film is lush with epic imagery, including vast snapshots of clouds, mega land masses, azure oceans, and that ol' peek-around-the-edge curvature of our round-ish home turf.

Will you see the glowing lights of our big cities? You shall. Might you spy astronauts at work, and hear their thoughts on caring for our one-and-only address? You absolutely will. Is NASA involved? Oh, you bet; the agency was a major part of the making of the film.

Nifty weather and natural phenomenon, including thunderstorms and the Aurora Borealis, also make memorable cameos. (We've all seen storms from below, but how do they appear when viewed from above?)

And while the Earth is a wee bit larger than the California Science Center's IMAX screen, the 7-story screen is still mighty impressive. Take time, after the credits, to stroll the idea-packed place and discover more about our world.

Ready to head out to the International Space Station, at least via IMAX? No need to pack any special gear or clothing; just some wonder, some hope, and some comfy, movie-watching pants'll do.

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