Easter Treats Are Hop-Hop-Hopping Our Way

SoCal sweet makers, including Primo's Donuts, are creating all sorts of colorful confections for the early-April holiday.

Erica Mae Allen

What to Know

  • Primo's Donuts on Sawtelle Boulevard has Easter doughnuts for pre-order
  • "Glam" bunnies are available through andSons Chocolatiers in Beverly Hills
  • LittleJohn's Candies at the Original Farmers Market is making classic bunnies and eggs

The beautiful thing about a basket? It can hold a lot of different things, depending on what you'd like to place inside.

Toys, eggs, colorful straw, and gleeful gewgaws of all sorts add a sunniness to Easter baskets, it is true, but so do treats, all sorts of treats, the kind of eats that have (chocolate) ears and (marshmallow) tails.

Deciding which dessert-y and delicious add-ins you'll choose for a kid's basket, or, let's be real, your favorite grown-up, is a process a basket-filler must make as Easter draws near.

Which it is now doing: Easter 2021 is hippity-hopping into our worlds on Sunday, April 4.

Finding festive snacks, though, can be as easy as stopping by the candy aisle of your favorite store, or looking around at LA's bakeries and chocolatiers to see what sort of celebratory sweets they're dreaming up.

Here are a few to consider as you hop, hop, hop toward Easter 2021:

Primo's Donuts, on Sawtelle Boulevard, will have limited-time Easter doughnuts for sale. The window for these whimsically hued pastries opens on Monday, March 29, but pre-ordering has begun.

Oh yes, and the special doughnut, with the jelly beans? That's the coconut-topped Easter Basket doughnut. And this is as sweet as a spring breeze: You can choose vegan, too, when you order.

andSons Chocolatiers in Beverly Hills will have several fine delectables available for the 2021 holiday, including "glam" bunnies (the hollow treats are made with Valrhona dark chocolate).

Faceted chocolate eggs, which feature three flavors (including pecan praline), and a polka-dotted Treasure Egg are also on the line-up. (The Treasure Egg boasts "... raspberry chocolate coated peanut cereal puffs" inside, delish.)

And at LittleJohn's Candies at the Original Farmers Market? There are beautiful chocolate bunnies in a few different pretty poses. Choose a sitting bunny, a floppy bunny, or the bunny buttons for your basket.

A chocolate shell egg, a Bordeaux buttercream egg, and marzipan-filled eggs are also available at this venerable candy icon.

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