EastSide Food Fest: Bites, Bevs, Community

If Echo Park or Sunset Junction is your favorite go-to grub spot, here's your Sunday-sweet sup scene.

When you find a new bun you're wild over, or a rice dish that makes your tastebuds rah-rah, or a slice of pie that's so old-school you swear it arrived in your mouth via time machine, you generally share the news with friends, in large part to make sure the eatery you love keeps up a healthy flow of customer traffic.

It's a benevolent gesture, but one that's a little self-focused, too (you have your personal reasons for wanting that pie to stick around forever). If you're into this spread-the-vibes notion, you can share that local love in a bigger way on Sunday, Oct. 2 at Mack Sennett Studios.

We speak of the EastSide Food Festival, the yearly to-do where a few dozen eateries from Echo Park and Silver Lake and points nearby gather to hand out an assortment of bites and meet the neighbors.

The Scene

What to do, where to go and what to see

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Think of it as a way to find your next favorite pie/rice/bun, and think of the event as a whole as a large megaphone for giving area restaurants some deserved attention. 

What spots shall show? Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Little Beast Restaurant, Silver Lake Wine, and a host of other EastSide food/drink makers ("a host" mean over 30 or so).

Foodie demos (one involving the buzzy Big Green Egg), the Snacky Tunes podcast, a Soylent Cocktail Tasting, and a host of stop-and-do-this happenings round out the afternoon-into-evening affair.

The beneficiary? It's PATH, People Assisting the Homeless.

Scoring a ticket? Entry starts at $55. Start here to find your ideal admission.

Doing that foodie-falling-in-love thing, and then sharing your find with your friends, which, in turn, supports the restaurant you enjoy? The EastSide Food Festival is a wider, bigger, cooler version of that admirable impulse.

Join in, see friends, make friends, and, fingers crossed, come across your next have-to-eat-it-daily bun/rice dish/pastry/you name it.

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