Eek: Son of Monsterpalooza Convention

Movie-quality make-up, special effects, and other eerie must-sees will haunt Burbank.

Perhaps you were that one kid who was never, ever satisfied with a plastic mask or a pair of funny pants when the final day of October rolled into view.

Perhaps you were even that kid who spent the better part of Halloween afternoon perfecting your ogre make-up, or your zombie scars, or whatever creepy cosmetics you'd purchased after saving up for several weeks.

If that was you, and if it is still you, you likely know about both Monsterpalooza and Son of Monsterpalooza, a pair of conventions that celebrate monstrous make-up and the creation of super-scary characters, one brush stroke and prosthetic face mold at a time.

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It's true that Southern California is home to a number of haunting festivals and spooky conventions, but this dastardly duo truly puts the emphasis on movie-style make-up and the amazing creatures that talented FX artists dream up, and then give life, thanks to the person under standing under those horns and neon contact lenses.

The year it all began? Lo, it was 2009, with Monsterpalooza, but Son of Monsterpalooza, which has its own vibe and season, soon followed.

Son of Monsterpalooza, the September outing for the twice-a-year happening, is ready to raise a shriek on from Friday, Sept. 15 through Sunday, Sept. 17 in Burbank.

The place? It's all lurking at the Marriott Burbank Convention Center & Hotel. The price? It's $30 on Saturday, at the door, or $25 on Sunday. Friday evening? Why that's $25, if you need to close out your week with some Halloween-y sights.

The making of monsters is an old and noble art, and definitely one that has some cinematic cred around Tinseltown. To learn from the pros, and pick up helpful tips, or simply be astounded by what you see, is part of the monstrous fun.

There's more macabre-o-sity to Son of Monsterpalooza, too, beyond the prosthetic-awesome demos, so take a look at all of the showtimes and what'll go groan and moan around The Marriott Burbank over the middle weekend of September.

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