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Eggslut Glendale: Now Open

The savory breakfast sandwich-porium is now serving its beloved morning goodies on Brand.

No one would ever dare taunt a pancake, and few of us would want to snicker at a sweet roll or badger a bun. 

All breakfast food is to be enjoyed, appreciated, and devoured. Fact.

But a very impressive contigent of breakfast eaters have moved into a particular corner over the last decade, and it is a corner scented with eggs and bacon and sausage and slices of melty cheese and, almost above all, really toothsome, incredibly grippable, tie-it-all-together bread.

That corner we speak of belongs solely to the breakfast sandwich, which, of course, has been around as long as breakfast and sandwiches. In recent years, though, restaurants have been blithely experimenting with gourmet-quality sandwich add-ins, with local egg-porium Eggslut at the front of that innovative pack.

The company's beloved brioche bun, and those considerable queues out front of the truck and stores, are clues that something a little dif is afoot in the whole morning sammie game. What began as a food truck, then an always busy stall at Grand Central Market, is now a boutique eggery with outposts in Las Vegas and Venice.

And, as of March 23, 2017, Glendale, on Brand Boulevard, not far from Colorado.

It isn't all about eggs and other proteins and carbs stuff in a hunk of brioche at Eggslut. Coddled eggs, too, have gotten the love, and an egg salad boasts a hold-it-together elixir that's straight-up honey mustard aioli.

Where will The Sluts — those are the memorably monikered coddled eggs — get to crackin' next? No yolk: Eggslut is on the up and up and up and up, as is our nearly universal devotion to incorporating the sandwich format at every meal of the day.

Surely a dessert sandwich is the next soon-to-be classic around town?

Eggslut Glendale is located at 252 S. Brand Boulevard.

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