El Cholo's Combo #1 is 95¢, All Day Tuesday

The famous restaurants are celebrating the company's 95th anniversary with a tasty deal.

What to Know

  • Tuesday, Oct. 23
  • All El Cholo locations
  • "One combo per guest"

Whatever age you might be, and at whatever level of party-planning interest, we'll politely advise you on one important matter: Your 95th birthday should be a super-big bash.

And, if your 95th birthday has already gone by?

Then, you know what we're saying here. It's an auspicious and celebratory occasion, one that comes a half-decade before your centennial, the next "big" birthday on the list. (Though every birthday, at every single stage of life, is, of course, big.)

To look for inspiration on planning your 95th, or reminiscing about the great 95th you had, look to El Cholo Mexican Restaurants, the beyond-classic cocinas that generations of Southern Californians have combo'd at, chipped-up at, and margarita'd-over through the decades.

We Angelenos do love El Cholo, and El Cholo loves its loyal customers right back. And to celebrate those customers and its 95th anniversary, the restaurants will price the Combo #1 at, wait for it, 95 cents.

Don't wait for it, actually: It's exciting. But you will have to physically wait for Tuesday, Oct. 23, if you're reading this before Oct. 23, which is when this anniversary deal is happening.

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Don't wait, though, to peruse what the Combo #1 is all about, if you've never enjoyed it: It's a cheese enchilada, rolled beef taco, Spanish rice, and refried beans.

It's a dish that's so iconic it feels positively Smithsonian-worthy, or at least due its own museum wing at a repository of famous foods. Combo #1 is, after all, El Cholo's best-selling dish ever.

We typed "restaurants" before, and made it plural on purpose, as this deal will happen at every El Cholo, from the landmark on Western Avenue to La Habra to Anaheim Hills.

So how many Combo #1 plates can each person get? Good question, if we do say so: "One" is the answer.

You'll also want to keep the "first come first serve" call to action in mind, and that there are no substitutions.

And, for sure, this deal is for those guests planning to "dine in," so find your closest El Cholo, or one you've been wanting to visit, and be there on Oct. 23, to wish this delicious outfit a happy centennial minus five years.

Or happy nine decades, plus a half decade? There are many wonderful ways to convey 95 years, all told.

Cheers to Combo #1, its dedicated and famished fans, and the beloved eateries that have so elegantly created a legend over the better part of a century.

Cheers, El Cholo!

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