‘Elect to Adopt' at Pasadena Humane

Find your new pal and leave wearing an "I Adopted" sticker.

While holiday stickers, those gooey-backed decorations depicting snowman and candy canes, rule the backs of our envelopes come December, there's one iconic sticker that is synonymous with shirt lapels across the land in early November: the "I Voted" sticker.

Many voters are sporting that important clothing-stuck symbol these days, and will continue to do so in democracy-loving droves on Tuesday, Nov. 8. But there's another sticker that begins with "I" that is popping up on a number of shirts ahead of Election Day: the "I Adopted" sticker.

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is the place to find such stickers, and the deal they're "affixed" to, an adoption deal which gives pet parents "(r)educed adoption fees for all available pets" including dogs, cats, and rabbits.

"Whether you plan to vote RePUPlican or DemoCAT, Elect to Adopt at the Pasadena Humane Society this election season" is the slightly cheeky but ultimately cheerful message behind this find-a-forever-friend promotion.

Beyond the money-saving element, there's a "Meet the Candidates" adoption board to peruse and a ballot to fill out ("adopters can write why they chose their new pet"). 

Because of course there should be a ballot during this, the most ballot-packed week of the year.

Will your new furry one be spayed or neutered? You bet. Can you go early in the morning to adopt, like you might visit your local polling place first thing in the morning on Nov. 8?

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The center is open normal hours, so best not queue up at the crack of dawn. But there's no need to wait for Nov. 8 to find your next pup or kitty: The adoption drive is on now, through Election Day.

For the savings, the stickers, and all of the sweeties that are making election season a little smilier, visit the Elect to Adopt headquarters now.

Time to back "A Pet Platform We Can All Believe In."

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