Elections 2020

Election-Themed Eats Offer Go-Vote Encouragement

The Great American Takeout and Samuel Adams will send pizzas to the polls with the public's help, while one Marina del Rey café has a special sweet for voters.

The Great American Takeout/Jerry's Patio Café & Bar

What to Know

  • Election Day is Nov. 3, 2020
  • Order a takeout pizza on Oct. 27, post it with #DemocracyIsDelicious, and Samuel Adams, in partnership with The Great American Takeout, will send a pizza to the polls on Nov. 3
  • Jerry's Patio Café & Bar in Marina del Rey is giving any guest wearing an "I Voted" sticker a free cookie through Election Day

Setting out to vote?

You know, from previous experiences, that you'll want a few essential things handy before you do so.

That could be a pair of sensible shoes on your feet, the better to stay comfortable as you wait to fill out your ballot. Or it might be a book to read, to pass the time before you enter your polling place.

But some sustenance is a good thing, above all, because feeling satisfied and fortified before you exercise your right to vote helps the process flow more smoothly.

And to help voters feel a bit fuller, The Great American Takeout, the months-long campaign that's been supporting our restaurants during the pandemic, is taking on a pie-in-the-sky idea with the help of partner Samuel Adams.

Or, rather, a pies-to-the-polls plan. For Samuel Adams will send pizzas to the polls on Nov. 3, lots and lots of pizzas, and there's a way you can help.


Order and purchase your own takeout pizza on Tuesday, Oct. 27, from whatever local place you love, and then post a picture on social media with the tag #DemocracyIsDelicious.

The Great American Takeout people'll keep an eye out for those exact photos and tags. And for every tag posted Samuel Adams will indeed send a complimentary pizza to people waiting to vote on Election Day ("up to a $5,000 value").

"(W)ith record-long lines, fueling Americans to stay in line at the polls is more important than ever," shared The Great American Takeout team in a statement.

This effort is part of Pizza to the Polls, which is " ...a non-profit, non-partisan organization that’s working with local pizza shops around the country to deliver free food to polling stations. Hungry people at the polls can request a pizza delivery by reporting their poll line at https://polls.pizza/report."

After your slice of pizza, and after you've voted, you may hanker for something from the dessert side of the menu. And here's something sweet: Jerry's Patio Café & Bar in Marina del Rey can help.

Guests at the restaurant who are rocking an "I Voted" sticker will be treated to a complimentary black & white mini cookie which, yes, is sporting red and blue hues.

Just be sure to visit on or before Nov. 3 to enjoy your gratis Election Day goodie.

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