Enjoy a Cookie-Cool Boba Brûlée on National Oreo Day

And every day, at Sunright Tea Studio, where crushed bits of the iconic cookie complement the luscious sippable pearls.

Sunright Tea Studio

What to Know

  • Sunright Tea Studio (Fullerton, Monterey Park, and other SoCal locations)
  • Oreo Brûlée Boba Milk is $5.65
  • The drink is available every day, including National Oreo Day (March 6)

If you had to pick a day of the week that captured the creamy-middled, ultra-cool character of an Oreo cookie, you just might pick Saturday.

After all, Saturdays are often thought of as the liveliest and most carefree of all the days, which is comparable to the happy feeling that washes over a person as they dip the classic cookie in a glass of icy-cold milk.

But the even better feeling, of course, is eating the newly milky cookie, sometimes in one bite.

So when National Oreo Day lands on a Saturday, it feels like a delicious dovetailing of complementary ideas, a cookie-crunchy coincidence that we can all celebrate.

That's just what is happening in 2021, for March 6, a Saturday, is the annual occasion when we pay tribute to the timeless treat.

You can find several spins on the sweet, from Oreo-topped ice cream to Oreo milkshakes.

But here's something that feels rather novel and nice: A boba beverage that contains not only those tasty pearls but crushed Oreos, as well as brûlée oomph.

It's the Oreo Brûlée Boba Milk, which is available on National Oreo Day, and every day, at Sunright Tea Studio.

Before you first sip this unusual spin on the straight-from-the-sleeve snack, though, you'll want to shake your drink "17 times" per the shop, all to make sure the milk and boba and crushed Oreos reach maximum enjoyability.

You can find Sunright Tea Studio in Fullerton, Monterey Park, Rowland Heights, and several other Southern California locations.

The locations? They're on the site.

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