Enjoy a Free Bottle of Dipping Sauce on National Dumpling Day

Cali Dumpling Delivery is celebrating the national food holiday with a delicious giveaway.

Cali Dumpling Delivery

What to Know

  • Through Saturday, Sept. 26
  • Purchase a bag of dumplings and receive a free bottle of dipping sauce
  • Delivery is additional (and note the dumplings arrive flash-frozen and ready for boiling/frying)

Dipping sauce, the kind of kicky, taste-rich condiment that goes perfectly with a dumpling?

A dumpling that is vegetarian, a traditional wonton, or a protein-packed pan-fried goodie filled with chicken or pork?

That treasured bottle is going to sit right inside your refrigerator, on the top shelf, because you'll be using that sauce on absolutely everything, whether the dish is dumpling related or not.

Condiment mavens understand what we're saying here, and since just about everyone everywhere is a devotee of foodstuffs that offer dippable goodness, that includes us all.

Which makes National Dumpling Day, which is on Saturday, Sept. 26, a sauce-dippable, savory-scrumptious delight.

And it is a delight that comes with a giveaway in 2020.

Cali Dumpling Delivery, which works in partnership with SoCal-based Mama Lu's Dumplings, is honoring the savory celebration by giving away complimentary bottles of dipping sauce to people ordering a bag of delicious Chinese dumplings.

Good to know?

The dumplings are flash-frozen, so you'll want to plan on adding them to a warm pan or pot of hot water when you're ready to dig into their delectable dumplingness.

Which means you can choose whether you'll go the pan-fried route, or do a boil, or prepare the dumplings in the way you like best.

As for dumpling types? Pork & chive, vegetarian, fish, and Hong Kong-style wontons are just a few of the choices.

The deal has been happening in the days running up to Sept. 26, but if you prefer to take your dumpling delivery on National Dumpling Day, you can still enjoy your free bottle of dipping sauce.

Question: Is dumpling sauce the best condiment on this planet? For sure, it is a favorite, one that makes every meal a little tangier, tastier, and more satisfying.

But sitting aside a perfect bowl of freshly fried dumplings? Sauce satisfaction is truly complete at that magnificent moment.

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