Enjoy a January Thanksgiving With These Turkey Treats

You can still enjoy a pop-up, pop-in-your-mouth Turkey Day with Porto's savory turkey potato balls in the house.

Porto's Bake at Home

What to Know

  • Through Friday, Jan. 15; the goodies will return for Thanksgiving 2021
  • $16.99 for one dozen
  • Available through Porto's Bake at Home (not available in the bakeries)

Gratitude is a sublime state of being that always works wonderfully well, whatever month the calendar happens to show.

But come the end of November? We're all seeking that state of grace.

We're hoping to enjoy a meaningful meal with a loved ones while reflecting on all of the reasons to be grateful. And to truly connect with everything we value and adore in this world.

Gratefulness, of course, is an act that cleaves well not just with November but the spirit of the new year.

So taking some of the pastimes and palate-pleasers of Thanksgiving into January? It flavorfully fits. Especially since wintertime is prime time for the heartier eats that show up at the fall festivity.

If you're longing for a bit more lusciousness, the sort of savory flavors that find inspiration at the Thanksgiving table, here's a going-fast update: The Porto's Turkey & Gravy Potato Balls are about to leave the company's menu for another nine months, give or take.

For the orb-shaped, oh-so-easy-to-eat treats are departing the Porto's Bake at Home menu, with a return engagement planned for Thanksgiving 2021, as well as the holiday season to follow.

They're $16.99 for a dozen.

And, yes, for sure, if you've loved the iconic, much-obsessed-over Porto's Potato Ball, you'll know what to expect, size- and spice-wise, from this Thanksgiving spin on the globular goodie.

As for the "spice" part? The balls include "... Porto’s famous potato puree filled with turkey breast slowly braised with mirepoix, fresh sage, and white wine and smothered with a porcini mushrooms turkey gravy."


Keep in mind, though, that these are only available for ordering unbaked and frozen through Porto's Bake at Home, and are not sold in the local Porto's bakeries.

The final day to order the Turkey & Gravy Potato Balls is Friday, Jan. 15.

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