Enter San Pedro Fish Market's '12 Days of Shrimp' Giveaway

Post a favorite food memory on Instagram and tag it. Next? You'll be entered in a seafood-big giveaway.

San Pedro Fish Market

What to Know

  • Post on Instagram, tag it, and the eatery will enter your name in the giveaway; one entry per person
  • The prize: A World Famous Shrimp Tray, which feeds 8-12 people
  • The contest closes on Dec. 20, 2020

So you say you don't have a record album that replicates the sound of ocean waves, boat horns, and the occasional gull call?

And you're not near a place that is blessed with briny breezes, the sort that sweep of the Pacific Ocean with every delicious passing minute?

No worries. Setting up a World Famous Shrimp Tray, for you and your family to enjoy, will still deliver those San Pedro feels, the kind of vibes you get when you're seafooding-it-up just steps from the Big Blue.

And that can happen, for free, if you win San Pedro Fish Market's big 'n shrimpy giveaway.

It's called "The 12 Days of Shrimp" and it launched on Dec. 9.

How does it work? You'll want to post a food-related memory on Instagram, and it can include a photo, video, or reel, of your "fondest memories celebrated over food."

Tag @SanPedroFish and #SPFMContestEntry, and know you'll be entered in the giveaway.

A person can enter once, and as far how the ultimate shrimp lover will be selected?

"San Pedro Fish Market judges will select one winning entry based on creativity, excitement and of course…the food!" So best start planning how you will create a stand-out, shrimp-loving, memory-sweet post.

All of the rules, which should be perused before you take the next step, can be found on this site.

It all wraps on Dec. 20, and the market will reveal the winner, via social media, on Dec. 21.

And this is nice: The staff will create a "video with special holiday wishes" for the winning household.

"During this holiday season, it’s so important to give back to the community that has supported our family-owned business for over 60 years and is still going strong," says Mike Ungaro, CEO and Owner of San Pedro Fish Market.

"We’re looking forward to reminiscing through fun, food memories and creating new ones."

Eager to order and purchase a World Famous Shrimp Tray ASAP? The market is open for takeout orders, as well as third-party delivery.

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