Enter the World of Mario Kart (for Real)

Race against competitors while wearing, yes, the big hat and iconic 'stache.

What to Know

  • Mushroom Rally
  • 2019, exact dates TBD
  • $1000 cash prize

A year can't seem to pass without a major movie involving some wide-eyed kids entering a fictional realm, a whimsical world seen inside a storybook, a video game, or, yes, another movie.

But what of adults with wide eyes and dreams of participating in a colorful competition they've only seen on a screen?

Such grown-ups exist, and many of them will be cruising in small go-kart racers when the Mushroom Rally comes to town in 2019.

The started-in-Australia event is now going worldwide, or at least zooming into some major cities around the planet in the months ahead, with Los Angeles serving as a prominent stop. 

Want to join?

Sign up here, as fast as a go-kart goes, if you want to try for a chance to be one of the 600 people chosen to play.

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And if you're already fretting that you don't have the blocky, over-sized fashion seen in the wheel-fast video game, the clothes rocking bright primary colors, worry not: Organizers provide an outfit for you to wear during your race.

So, yes: The teams says that "... you can pick your favourite Mario Kart character and race around a custom track and win prizes."

Possibly even a thousand bucks, should you "... complete the track in 40 seconds!"

Making it all the more thrilling for fans of "Super Mario Kart," an iconic Nintendo game that can trace its origins back to the early '90s, and, well, even earlier, thanks to the '80s favorite "Super Mario Bros."?

The fact that one winner per city will be invited to Las Vegas to go for the grand prize.

Feeling the go-kart zoom-zoom, the urge to don a giant hat, and to enter a world of a game you've spent hours excelling at over the last quarter century?

Watch the Mushroom Rally's social media for more information on the Southern California event, which'll pedal-to-the-metal it into our region in 2019.

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