Enter Universal's ‘Stranger Things' Maze… in the Daytime

The Halloween Horror Nights experience won't have its scares, but you can enjoy the cool design of the walk-through experience.

What to Know

  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Park admission required
  • Monday-Friday during Halloween Horror Nights (ends Nov. 4)

Picture yourself standing in the famous living room of Joyce Byers, Winona Ryder's character from the Netflix phenomenon "Stranger Things," as Christmas lights blink over various letters scrawled on the wall.

What are the lights spelling out? What's the message?

This is what we're reading, if we may: "The 'Stranger Things' maze at Halloween Horror Nights is opening up to daytime walk-throughs for those guests visiting Universal Studios Hollywood."

The Scene

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Oh, wait, the lights are still blinking. There's more: "But this is only happening Monday through Friday, through the remainder of the Halloween-themed scare festival, which wraps on Sunday, Nov. 4."

Tell us more, mystical Christmas lights: "Park admission is required to enjoy the walk-through of the nifty 'Stranger Things' experience, which won't contain its nighttime scares or jump-inducing sounds but will give visitors a chance to see multiple, well-designed rooms based on the hit show."

We're all Upside Down over this new development at the famous theme park, frankly. And the fact that it started just days before Halloween ups our "must go" quotient, like, a lot.

Also happening at the park, though not related to the "Stranger Things" maze?

If you and your tot head for Universal Studios Hollywood during the daytime on Saturday, Oct. 27 and Sunday, Oct. 28, you'll see trick-or-treating around the upper lot. 

Youngsters are invited to wear a costume, to join the trick-or-treating fun. Fun that'll also include several characters seen around Universal, making it a one-of-a-kind memory for your kids, and a very LA way to enjoy the days leading up to Halloween.

Hello, Hello Kitty.

Park admission is required to join that sweet scene, too. 

Call both the "Stranger Things" walk-through and the weekend trick-or-treating two more expressions of Halloween at one of the Halloweeniest places on the planet. 

Make that "daytime" expressions.

For while Halloween Horror Nights rule the evenings, there are less fearsome ways to make scary, we mean "merry," 'round Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Hollywood and NBC-owned TV stations operate under the same parent company NBCUniversal.

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