Enter Your Fast-Paw'd Pup in the Corgi Winter Nationals

The day-after-New-Year's-Day happening will trot at Santa Anita Park.

Holly Hildreth

What to Know

  • Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022
  • Santa Anita Park
  • Enter your Welsh or Cardigan Corgi starting on Dec. 1; $35 per dog per race

The second day of the year is rife with its own rollicksome and high-spirited traditions, even if it doesn't include party hats, lucky foods, or the other offbeat festivities so many people regularly observe on New Year's Day.

But Jan. 2 in 2022 will grow even more gleeful, and full of grins, when a pack of playful, romp-ready, and eager-to-run Corgis take to the track at Santa Anita Park.

For the Corgi Winter Nationals will visit the Arcadia destination on the second day of 2022, all to give Corgi enthusiasts, dog fans, and anyone who loves a cute canine competition plenty to cheer.

But the cheering should start early, on Dec. 1, if you'd like your Corgi to join the spirited springs.

That's when entries open for the event, which will feature nine open races, as well as one that's solely for senior Corgis.

And when we say "Corgis" we are actually speaking of Welsh and Cardigan pups, and not "honorary Corgis," those other non-Corgi pooches that are sometimes invited to participate in Corgi-cute gatherings.

So, yup: Your pup must be a Corgi to compete.

There are some other rules to review, and entering your Corgi costs $35 per race.

But you say you simply want to watch the whimsical, short-of-leg showdowns?

Tickets go on sale on Friday, Dec. 3.

The day, which will stretch over six adorable hours, starting at 10:30 a.m., will also include "Corgi-centric vendors" as well as eats and sips for sale.

For more on this merry way to dash into 2022, whether you live with Corgis or are simply seeking a family-fun to-do at the end of New Year's Weekend, visit the 2022 Corgi Winter Nationals HQ now.

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