Entry Is Free at This Fair Food Drive-Thru

But you'll need to book your ticket before making for the no-contact, stay-in-your-car experience. The place? It's happening at the Rose Bowl.

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What to Know

  • The Drive-Thru Fair Foodie Fest opens Feb. 5 (select dates) at the Rose Bowl
  • Free admission, but you'll need to reserve a ticket before you go; credit cards accepted for food purchases
  • Funnel cakes, turkey legs, onion rings, more

Citing the most iconic examples of classic fair food?

Describing such dishes to a friend who is not familiar with this particular realm of quirky cuisine will typically involve you saying the word "crunchy" several times in a row, "juicy" once or twice, and, of course, the word "fried," too.

And fulfilling your cravings for those ultimate crunchy, fried, and juicy snacks?

These hankerings have formerly been flavorfully met at, yes, fairs, and big festivals, and the other large-scale events where turkey legs and funnel cakes are sold.

Such stroll-around spectaculars have been on hold over the last 11 months, for the most part, though the OC Fair team did offer a fair food drive-thru in the summer of 2020 in Costa Mesa.

Now another drive-thru focused on festive foodstuffs, like cotton candy and deep-fried Oreos, is popping up at the Rose Bowl over several Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to come.

This is a stay-in-your-car sort of deal, and it is free to enter. It's all "no-contact," and mask-wearing is required.

Please review all safety guidelines before booking your spot.

A big must-know? You'll need to reserve your free entry ticket before making for the Pasadena landmark, as car capacity will be limited.

Also? This is a credit card-only deal (no cash accepted, in other words). And the Drive-Thru Fair Foodie Fest will not operate on Super Bowl Sunday, which is Feb. 7.

You can find the list of succulent, savory foodstuffs, the sorts of special, every-now-and-then treats that arrive with powdered sugar or jalapeños or BBQ sauce on top, on this site.

Oh yes, and there are a few notable offerings on the menu, including the Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple Bowl.

This all wraps up on the final day of February 2021, so best find the crunchy, fried, and juicy gems you've been missing before the month is gone, gone as fast as a stack of still-hot onion rings.

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